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    I dont know how this oil works it just…

    "I dont know how this oil works it just works, My dad had an arthritis flare up, and it has eased the pain straight away and given him his movement back"

    Julie Toland

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    Active Hemp Ointment

    "I bought the active hemp ointment and use it on a long standing knee problem that I've had a recent op on as well. I would say I'm now 90% pain free and I'm now only using it a couple of times per week at present, really helps with dry skin as well."


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    I have been using this product every…

    "I have been using this product every day on a unsightly dry patch on scalp, within a couple of days it improved out of sight. Very pleased with this cream & will buy again when needed. The pot seems to last for ages."

    Mark Walker

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    Fantastic product

    "Absolutely great products. I would highly recommend everyone to use."

    Jayne Elizabeth Burridge

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    I suffer from eczema and use the hand …

    "I suffer from eczema and use the hand cream and also SOS balm which are brilliant and soothe my skin from redness/dryness. Great products and 100% natural which I love!"


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    Couldn't recommend enough!

    "I used the cream and SOS balm and loved it! Made my skin feel so soft and looked clear after using it."

    Cecilia Hocking

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    "MY son has been taking the syrup for a couple of weeks now and is feeling so much better. He goes for a scan on Wednesday and hopefully will not have to return for more treatment. The syrup is aiding his immune system, and to that end, I have already received another bottle."

    Jill Nicoll

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    "I'm very happy with the quality of the hemp seed that I bought from Carun, I find it is especially tasty on top of porridge. In addition, delivery was prompt and I can truly say I was completely happy with the service I received."


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    You can trust these guys

    "These people know what they are talking about and the product works brilliantly ( for my arthritis anyway)"

    VAL E

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    The quality is excellent

    "The quality is excellent ! i love the products. I could see myself being a customer of CARUN for a long time. Thanks CARUN for bringing the products in the market and providing an excellent customer service."

    Biswadeep Deb

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    All Carun products are first class

    "All Carun products are first class and what's more, they give excellent results."

    Mollie Lyons

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    Active CBD Hemp Ointment

    "After hearing my mum complain about the shocking pain of her arthritis (my mum’s a tough cookie with a high threshold for pain) I gave her Carun’s Active CBD Hemp Ointment to try! She was amazed and thrilled at not only the huge reduction in pain but how quickly it worked too!! Now buying some for her two sisters who also suffer...hopefully not for much longer!!"


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    Review of Carun

    "Excellent facial creams and good company to deal with. Would recommend to anyone."

    Caroline Bellini

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    Hemp cream

    "My wife uses the hemp for arthritis and it helps imensly."

    Rodney Rowe

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    Just Brilliant: seizure free

    "Just brilliant. My daughter became seizure free for 2 years now. She had 8-10 seizures a day. Thank you Carun."

    Katerina Antoniou