Hemp Mouthwash | 150 ml

Hemp Cosmetics

Hemp mouthwash is enriched with natural cannabidiol (CBD) and extracts of agrimony, horsetail, sage, cloves, cinnamon, mint and stevia, that have beneficial and calming effects. Does not contain fluorine.

Use: It’s recommended diluting Hemp mouthwash in a ratio of 2.5 ml to 10–15 ml of water and thoroughly rinsing the oral cavity for 1–3 minutes, optimally twice a day. It’s recommended not eating for 30 minutes after application. Do not swallow the mouthwash.

Natural product. Suitable for vegans.

INCI: Aqua, Alcohol, Eugenia Caryophyllus Bud Extract, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract, Menta Piperita Extract, Salvia Offi cinalis Extract, Agrimona Eupatoria Extract, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Stelvia Rebaudiana Extract, Cannabidiol, Sodium Methylparaben.

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